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Acting as Agent for Inbound and Outbound Service of Three-Purpose Work Boats

Acting as long-term agent for daily inbound and outbound services of various kinds of three-purpose works boats for South China Sea oilfields, including the inbound and outbound service of three-purpose works boats for Nanhai Xijiang Oilfield, Huizhou Oilfield of ACT Operators Group, CNOOC Liuhua Oilfield, Lufeng Oilfield and Liwan Deepwater Gasfield ect. with monthly average reporting 230 voyages of three-purpose work boat entering into and departing from the ports, and with 70 bills of dangerous goods declaration.

The main business activities include:

Port pliotage application for three-purpose work boats;

Dangerous goods declaration services;

Berth arrangement of three-purpose work boats;

Waterway application (inclusive of Hong Kong waterway application) for three-purpose works boats;

Maritime inspection application, ship survey arrangement and hot work application for three-purpose work boats, ect.






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