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Human Resource

Registration for Establishment of Foreign (Regional) Contractors Engaged Oil and Gas Fields Operating Activities in China's Sea Areas
Company registration
Office Leasing
Maintain close contact with relevant government departments, be fully aware and familiar with relevant laws and regulations and the latest version. Has a set of standard operating procedures and file formats as well as a group specializing in the registration who can successfully and quickly completed the registration process, saving time and improving efficiency for our clients.
Official Seal application
Organization code application
Tax registration
Customs registion
Corporate annual examination


Acting as the Agency of Certification/Permits Services for Foreignners Engaged in Offshore Engineering
Application for Letter of Invitation (LOI) for foreigners
Handling of Offshore Engineering Work Permit
Acting as long-term agent of certification/permit services for foreigner engaged in offshore enginessring, completing the certification/permit services for foreigners of 1500 person-times average per year; maintaining good communication with departments such as CNOOC Foreign Affairs Bureau, Shenzhen Port Hospital, Exit-Entry Management Division of Shenzhen Municipal public Security Bureau, ect.
Arrangement of Foreigners' physical exmaination
Arrangement of foreigners interview for Residence Permit
Handling of foreigner's Residence Permit

Personnel picking up and seeing off services (Shenzhen
city area, Shenzhen surroundings and Hong Kong)

Acting as Agent for hotel reservation service

Acting as a purchasing agent for boat ticket (ticket for
Zhuhai, Hong Kong and Hong Kong Airport)

Handling of embarking and disembarking formalities for

Handling of the application for temporary embarking of




ICP Reg.(Bei): Yue 05142860

Electronic identification



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