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SMSA is a vibrant, unitied,aggressive andhigh-quality team. The average age of employees of the Company is around 32 years, more than 93% of employees have bachelor degree or above, more than 20 empolyees have intermediate or senior professional titles, and more than 30 employees have obtained the Customs Declaration Certificate, Inspection Application Certificate, Certificate for Dangerous Goods Onboard Declaration, Freight Forwarding Qualification Certificate or PMP Project Management Certification, ect.

As an international shipping agency and international freight forwarding company, we have a professional project management and tariff reduction and exemption specialists and customs declaration and inspection application personnel, all of them can make up logistics project team to provide clients with consultation of appropriate laws and regulations (port administration, customs, maritime affairs, frontier inspection, inspection and quarantine administration, etc.); logistics operations, industry coordination;consulting services on tariff reduction and exemption strategy of projects, developing logistics solutions, putting forward customs clearance advice to assist clents in solving problems encountered in customs clearance and providing one-stop logistics services.





The average age of employees of the Company is around 32 years

More than 93% of employees have bachelor degree or above



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